Every Penny Counts

In Poetry on May 18, 2012 at 12:20 pm

We agreed
To a dangerously inexact and confusing
On the verge of bursting apart
At the very hand shake
Spat shut with the sealants’
Posture of a firm salivatory grip
On greed, the only
(true) glue to agreement.

Nine pennies is a malnourished dime;
Someone is short a penny;
We’re both counting.
The re-tally is an entertainervous
Routine of laughterse critiscissors
Cutting along the dotted line of artilleready
Trigger fingers underneath the table.

A microphobic environment.

Still one short…
The comediocre covering
Banter comes off
Raw in insults squeezing tighter
Towards barometric pressures for  microcosmic breaching fulmination-

-ah! There it is, by your foot!
Must have rolled off the tabletop.

  1. Nice wordplay!

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