Riding the Pig into Town

In Poetry on April 25, 2012 at 12:20 am

Riding the pig into town
Because the car broke down
At the end of the driveway
And the horse is dead in the garage
From being overfed
By the neighborhood kids
Who all just had to have their turn
At giving old Lucy an apple
And a handful of oats.

Well, a ruptured colon and a lot of brown later,
And I’m riding Curly the pig into town
On my way to see the butcher
Hoping to save on waste
And fill my freezer for the winter.

My load’s a little heavy
For poor curly’s back but
The car’s broke and
The horse is dead so
Curly’s the only means
I got to get around!

l get into town and the butcher
Exclaims: “nice pig you’ve got there!”,
When he sees Curly’s fat nose
Snorting around his storefront.
But I tell him: “ain’t Curly I’m sellin”
Then I say to him how Lucy died
And he tells me he’ll drop by sometime
With his truck to pick her up.

Then, before we shake on it,
He gives Curly another long look
And asks me If I’m sure as set
On keepin the overlage sow
So I think on it for a bit
And I come to the conclusion
That a nice walk home could
Do my gut some good
And, besides,
Curly made a real lousy horse.

  1. Daft as a brush, but I just had to read it right to the end. 🙂

    Marie Marshall

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