Short Poem Series #2

In Poetry on April 8, 2012 at 2:22 pm

A quick note to those following my blog: I apologize if my frequent posts have flooded your inbox recently, I have a backlog of material that I am slowly trying to transfer over from Tumblr, and I’m on a serious writing binge right now -which is a good problem, I suppose! I’d like to share as much of that material as possible (both old and new), but I’ll do  my best not to go all at once overboard with the posts,  for consideration of your inbox. Alright, on to the poetry! The following smattering of poems have the one commonality that they are all a little absurd and have a hard time taking themselves seriously and would rather chuckle their way through an easy Sunday afternoon.  Enjoy!

I. Moonshine Madness

A rectangular moon attacks
A circle’s reign on planets
And cries for the Borg
To assimilate all shapes
Not square into its
Ninety degree matrix
Of moonshine madness

II. First-Handing Second-Hand Smoke

The usually required course
Between two interlocking turns
Has a central role in possible
Merry-go-around on the roundabouts
Of again biting tails of again.
And with a little unfocused stupid
Your car can become a vehicle
To one continuous revisiting
Of your own exhaust fumes!

III. Throblication

I was worried about my heart throblication
So I went to the doctor
He put the cold stethoscope on
My stomach
My back
He had me take deep breaths
He listened, and he heard
I said: “you hear it too?”
He said: “Yes, I sure do.”
So I said: “Thank God, so I’m not crazy!”
But he didn’t give me the OK nod;
Rather, he hung that stethoscope around his neck,
Looked up at me gravely,
And said:
“No… you are, in fact, crazy
-crazy in love!”
(Symbol crash)
(Prescripition of Viagra)


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