Grit on Fool’s Gold

In Poetry on April 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm

I followed the meter and form (as well as some of the rhyme scheme) from A.R. Ammons’ poem, “All’s All”, to create the following poem:

A repaid quantity may
Stanchion to refriendify:
A cent or so
Poured and saved in rations;
A graded pocket
(the clink of coins

through fabrics)
A bluff in
The cleft of
A chin gnawing a sneak;
Shaded reparations of
Black lies bruising
pans of fools gold on

Younglings trumpeting wild,
But mostly posture’s posture
Grows posts: totems and
urns from trifling
Light scars
In sight of harsher dues;
Picks on

Uncalloused tenderfeet:
Toe by toe,
Welt by welt
All ten then rotted clear:
The unbalanced plight
Of an ungrown man
Tipping for no phalanges


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