What do you call that?

In Poetry on April 6, 2012 at 5:54 pm

What do you call it
When you’re forced to take a bath
Because the shower is broken
And you’re filling up the bath, while you’re in it
And you turn off the cold water first
To let the hot water run for a while
Because the water is still kind of luke-warm
But then, when it’s about right
And you go to turn off the hot water
It won’t turn off
Because it’s an old metal tap
And rusted to shit
And leaking a bit
And fucking too hot to get a good grip on with your hands
And the water’s getting way too scalding hot to stand any longer
So you jump out of the tub
And run naked and dripping wet upstairs to fetch your toolkit
And you almost slip and break your neck running back down with a wrench
And you clamp it around the stuck tap
And you give it all your weight
And you almost fall into the tub again
Because it didn’t need all your weight
But the hot water is off, at least
-But the tub is still too hot to take a bath
And you don’t have 20 minutes to wait for it to cool off
And it’s too full to just keep filling with cold water
So you stick your hand quickly into the scalding water to pull out the plug
And you wait for the drain to do a bit of work
And then you stick your hand back into the scalding water
To put the plug back in
And then you turn on the cold water
And you let it fill back up for a bit
And then you get back into the bath
And the water is a nice temperature
So you go to turn off the cold water tap
And it’s stuck.
What do you call that?
Is there a word for that?
There should be

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