The Oynes of Dern

In Poetry on April 4, 2012 at 9:50 pm

The oynes of creptific vitalisty
In contraxium with a justioned pid
Simber on the leids of enne unshending
In the amberlied ribbows of dern

How it pullispuns the errbance of my appercideation
To saet the oynes mest like so
In a coglogicked malliad
Of perplastic fance

And so it eferves me in volace
To saet them darve the oynes in capascine,
Espiring the ribbows like cates
To gullop in bilched ergasse.

The unbecollard equifrontry of it all!
The pimes would blench in wrackit, Oh
For swallor on the hgreckust fgrecks
Who darved the oynes of dern!


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