Chairs and Shadows

In Art on February 23, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Here is a series of digital edits that I did to an original rough acrylic painting (directly below).

Chairs and Shadows (Original)

Chairs and Shadows 2

Neon Shadows (Chairs and Shadows 3)

Chairs and Shadows 4

  1. far out, great stuff! love the chairs LOVe them
    do you sell them?

    • Thanks so much! Unfortunately I don’t have any prints of them for sale, as the artwork is somewhat of a secondary endeavor to my writing right now. If your interested, though, I have the bulk of my art projects posted at this tumblr blog, and I have two of those pieces available in print at Society6 (I tried to do the same with the chairs and shadow series but the resolution was too poor).

      • as an artist i get really excited when i see something a bit raw and different and thats what the original chairs did for me, got an inspirational kick happening!
        I’ll have a look at the links

      • how big is the original chairs…acrylic on paper i see…… if i had enough moula i would make you an offer…if you were going to sell the original how much would you want for it….maybe one day x

      • It’s 10.5 by 14 inches.. I’m very glad you like it as I’ve always thought it’s quite interesting, but I would feel guilty charging more than a nominal amount for it as its just on a sheet of oldish sketching paper and isn’t in perfect condition. So if you ever want it, I’d let it go for shipping costs (I’m in Canada) and like 25 bucks on top, lets say.

      • i would love to buy it…very affordable and it makes my heart sing….if you find out the postage to NSW Australia and give me a paypal address or account to pay into I will make the deposit. can you contact me at please xx

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